Carob Consult Coaching Story

Dragan Donkov – Head Coach

I’m an EMCC Accredited coach and facilitator, with 10+ years of experience coaching mid-to-senior leaders and managers to build a holistic approach to embrace their full potential.

For some leaders, this could be to become more aware of their environment, communication, and teams. For others – it’s gaining clarity and confidence in who they are. 

We all need a safe space to trust ourselves, listen more, and communicate effectively. By taking on a holistic approach, leaders can embrace their full potential and help their teams reach beyond expectations.

Since May 2015, I started coaching organisations and professionals from various industries – including IT, Gaming, Legal, Manufacturing, etc. – and this is how the idea for Carob Consult was born.

In the next 7+ years, I’ve gained various certifications and with +700 hours in client sessions, my range of interventions includes individual coaching sessions, group coaching circles, group sessions, and workshops.

Before starting Carob Consult, I spent over a decade in leadership and management at the Mental Health at the workplace and the largest Employees Assistance Programme in Malta. 

Fully dedicated to helping the professionals of tomorrow grow, for the past 2+ years, I have been lecturing coaching, and mentoring students as part of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited programme.

Outside of work, you’d probably find me at the gym or mastering that perfect cappuccino. I also love to spend time with my wife and daughter and the newest member of our family – Buddy, the bunny.

EMCC, TeamWorks, MyBrain, Coaching Circles Dragan Donkov Certification
Carob Consult Head Coach, Dragan Donkov’s, Certification
I’m an EMCC Accredited coach and facilitator, with 10+ years of experience coaching mid-to-senior leaders and managers to build a holistic approach to embrace their full potential.

Why Carob Consult Coaching?

Carob Consult is the natural continuation of my career as a coach.

The brand is built on six personal and professional values that are applied in everything I do.


My services are designed to focus on the individual as a whole. To better dive into problems, you’d have to analyse all aspects of one’s meaning, understanding, habits, and activities.


Confidentiality, trust, and respect are at the core of building effective coaching relationships. What you share during our sessions will remain solely in that space.

Purpose before profit

Feel motivated every day by following your professional purpose, goals, and dreams. Where profit is the after-effect of your drive.

Carob Consutl Coaching: Human-Centred, Ethical, Purpose Before Profit Approach.


I’ll approach your individual cases with a friendly, considerate, and kind demeanour. My end goal is thus to make you feel comfortable to share and build a trusting relationship between us.

Sustaining in a dynamic environment

We live in an age, where our day-to-day constantly forces us to adapt. No matter what curveballs life throws at you, discover how to build sustainable habits and behaviours to adapt.

Climate-friendly and the Carob tree: a symbol of resilience and adaptability

The carob tree or Ceratonia siliqua is an evergreen. Exposed to the extreme Mediterranean climate, it is able to recover from the damage caused by salty water or continuous drought.

The carob tree’s fruits produce syrup that helps with some mild health problems and is a great substitute for chocolate.

Carob Consult Services

I currently work with clients from all across the world: from South Africa to the United States. With a focus on personal and professional growth; management and leadership; change; wellness, and resilience.

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Carob Tree” by Averain is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

About the Carob Tree: a symbol of sustainability throigh change,