Carob Consult

Do you sometimes feel torn apart between the many hats you wear?

Having to lead a team, reach KPIs, ensure consistency and quality – and at the same time aim for that impossible work-life balance.

My name is Dragan Donkov, EMCC accredited Coach. As Carob Consult Head Coach and facilitator, I’ve noticed that it’s absolutely natural for leaders and individuals to aim to segment their lives.

But by gaining the Whole perspective on the different roles and responsibilities you have (as leaders, as team members, as individuals, as parents, as partners, etc.) – you can reach beyond your full potential.

I’ve developed multiple individualised instruments to help you – at the core of which you’d find trust and ethics

Carob Consult builds trust and brings to the process only the highest standards of ethics to ensure smoother sailing through the high seas.

I believe that the journey to better leadership and self-awareness starts with you. Let’s take the next step together!

Carob Consult Head Coach, Dragan Donkov, helps mid-to-senior leaders to reach their full potential by gaining the whole perspective.
Carob Consult Head Coach Leadership and Coaching Feedback

Carob Consult Clients Feedback

Our regular sessions give me space to slow down and focus on my development as a leader. After each session, I leave with something new in my hands to reflect and work on!

UK Retail Company Manager

Since starting my coaching journey, I have tried to actively put time aside for self-reflection and introspection. I have had several major life events since my coaching journey and Dragan has been so wonderful in helping me navigate these and be as good a version of myself as possible

Human Resources Manager

Dragan’s Coaching Circles are highly recommended. Employees walked away with key takeaways that could help them communicate better through questioning, improved listening skills, and understanding their clients and colleagues at a deeper level. Dragan’s delivery is calm, ensuring employees feel at ease. He brings in perspectives and examples which helped the employees understand the different concepts and contexts. All employees walked away feeling empowered and are practicing their learnings on a daily basis.

Liana Naudi, Human Resources Director, Malta-Based Company

Thanks to the coaching, I have developed more knowledge about myself, skills which I am good at and my areas of development. The coaching sessions have been very useful and have provided me with knowledge that will definitely help me to keep on developing my leadership approach.

Large Non-Profit Organisation Manager